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Every other weekend, Imani (Krystel McNeil) returns to her family’s Illinois farm to help her widowed dad Leonard (Anthony Irons) keep the animals fed, house clean, and crops alive. However, once their livestock start disappearing, prompting fears of wild animals or just bored kids from the surrounding suburbs, Imani confronts the reality of her and her family’s future.

Directed by Charlie Schmidlin

It was an ordinary day. Until it wasn't.

Directed by Anthony R. Williams

Celebration of life in every sense, good, bad and ugly. This Christmas, experience the madness with #TheAmericanDream


Writer & Director: Dr. Vighnesh Koushik 

Real Chicagoan: DJ Gemini Jones

DJ Gemini Jones had to gain the respect from the men in her industry and show she can mix and scratch just like them. She's proof being a mom doesn't mean you have to stop trying to pursue your dream.

03/06/20 9:07AM

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